March 01 Newsletter 


We've long taught that when parents consistently practice the magical 3 Es with their children the benefits of their effort and attention are multiplied exponentially. 

If you're new to Birth2Work, you may not have heard of the the 3 Es: Environment, Experience, and Engagement. The behaviors associated with the 3 Es are core elements taught within our workshops and courses. They work together to propel children and families toward a lifetime of successful interactions. Today, it's that third "E," Engagement that we're focusing on.

You might be thinking, engagement? Isn’t that what happens when two people decide to get married? And you would be correct! But engagement also means being occupied, committed, involved, and busy with activity. Engagement involves watching, listening, talking, being close, and sharing. 

The benefits of mindful engagement apply to all kinds of relationships in your life, including the ones you have with your child(ren).

So how do you accomplish meaningful engagement? It all starts with conversations that require real back-and-forth communication. 

Let's repeat that, the secret to engaging your child is to have consistent back-and-forth conversations! This recent study from Harvard and MIT proves it.

When your children are not yet talking it may seem like conversations are impossible. Conversations though are more than just words. The way you hold your baby, the looks you give them, the smiles, the tones (happy or sad or irritated or worried) you use ... they understand. When we listen, eventually we learn what their cries mean ... their diaper is wet, they are hungry, or they want to be held. This is how real back-and-forth dialogue begins.  

When your children are teens and perfectly capable of using their words, it may seem like conversations are still impossible given general moodiness, schedule clashes, and the ever-present smart phones. Don't give up just yet. It doesn't have to be that way!

We've put together a special guide to start you out with 10 simple ways to increase your engagement with your child, no matter their age. With a few starter ideas, you'll soon find yourself seeing opportunities for engagement in every part of the day that you spend with your child(ren), regardless of whether they are new to the world, or ready to head out on their own.  

Download our FREE guide:10 Ways to Engage

Until next week ... keep engaging!!  


The Birth2Work Family

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P.S. Skipped to the bottom? Engagement is one of the most important things you can do to make a big difference in your child becoming a happy, caring, successful, and potentially wealthy adult. Accomplish this by having back-and-forth conversations.

Download our FREE guide:10 Ways to Engage  for strategies to help you increase your engagement with your child and set the whole family on the path to success.

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