April 05 Newsletter 

Congratulations, Family Leader,

You did it! Another week of social distancing down! It doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment but by staying home you’ve statistically saved many people’s lives.


Source: CommonDreams.org


We're all struggling in some way

That being said, while you’re being a superhero you’re probably also:

  1. generally trying to stay sane
  2. creating a new sense of order out of the disorder caused by your partner, kids, work, and school all being at home now
  3. worrying about your 401K, lack of sleep, and who will be cast in the inevitable Tiger King remake




Because we don’t know what the future holds, many of us are focused on the problems we’re facing right now. We’re trying somewhat desperately to get back to a life we can understand and control.

Surprise! Even though the intensity of life feels new and frightening to us now, we never really know what the future holds.


What we can control

Putting primary focus on what we can control each day without having a realistic vision and actionable steps to be prepared for whatever life brings us is how most people spend their entire lives.

It’s a coping mechanism that sometimes serves us well in short increments but in the long run creates ruts in our life. It’s what causes anxiety at milestone birthdays. It’s how we find ourselves unhappy and unfulfilled wondering where the time went. At Birth2Work we refer to it as a “management mindset.”


The Leadership Mindset

The way to establish order for yourself and your family, even in this trying time, is through a “leadership mindset.”

Let’s unpack that.

A “family leadership mindset” includes, among other things:

  1. Purpose - You know that your purpose as a parent is more than managing the family to-do list and you want to explore that role further.
  2. Empower - You're dedicated to helping your children learn to do things for themselves even when it's inconvenient (or you're prepared to do so when your baby is older).
  3. Values + Goals - While there is rarely “one right way” to approach a situation, you understand that knowing what you believe (values) and where you are headed (goals) create the best framework for making decisions for your family.
  4. Team - You consider your family a team, one unit that works together for the betterment of each as well as the whole (or you're willing to work toward that goal).
  5. Surroundings - You understand that a child's environment, their experiences, and your engagement with them are all connected in becoming a successful adult and you're invested in learning more about it.
  6. Happiness Formula - You believe happiness is the result of effort, achievement, and overcoming failure, not having luxury handed to you, and you're looking for support to teach your children the same.

April is going to be “Change Your Mindset” month for this newsletter.


Our entire focus is about leadership skills in the family setting including what it means, why it matters, and specific actionable tips and techniques that you can put to work immediately to help bring order to the current chaos and help you along your journey as your family’s leader.

  1. Next week we’ll share a video with stories and practical examples of putting your new leadership mindset into practice (including successes and failures) no matter what the ages of your children are.
  2. The week after that, we’ll share a resource bundle including materials we’ve produced as well as great material we’ve seen from trusted colleagues and coaches.

When the 💩hits the fan

We can only control our own personal actions even when $@#t hits the fan, like COVID-19 has shown us. Life has suddenly changed, and the decisions we make can potentially have life altering implications. 

With those changes come big emotions that we all need help dealing with. We need to know how to turn this fear and uncertainty into confidence about the way forward.

That is what leadership is all about. That is what we’re dedicated to sharing with you.

  1. Are you ready to wake up each day with a wave of “I can handle whatever life throws at me” rather than “What are we going to do now?”
  2. Are you ready to approach your family as a team to figure out the day together rather than have to come up with everything yourself?
  3. Are you ready to see how you can implement simple, no-plan activities into your daily life that will make a lasting impact on your child’s self-esteem?

Pay attention to this newsletter in April.

>>Download our new tip sheet: Leading Your Family During the Pandemic

Sending love, laughter, and continued health,

The Birth2Work Family

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P.S. Skipped to the bottom? Family leadership is the key to getting through life when $@#t hits the fan. Family leadership allows us to turn fear and uncertainty into confidence moving forward. While there is not one right way to approach a situation, knowing what you believe (values) and where you are headed (goals) provides the framework for making decisions that are best for you and your family. This whole month we’ll be focusing on family leadership and changing your mindset. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll share a video with some specific actions you can take now.


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