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Hi, Family Leader,

This month we're talking about parents as teachers. We're discussing ways you can implement a strategic plan for addressing the ongoing simultaneous demands of your work, educating your children, and maintaining a healthy home.

The regular school year may be coming to a close soon, but without camps or other summertime childcare options on the horizon, we all still have a long road ahead of us.

While there is no magic fix to every family's struggles, there are simple ways to transition from sanity to stability.

Last week we shared a tip sheet to help you turn the current chaos into an intentional plan for success. Knowing how to strategically approach home learning during the pandemic will help you let go of much of the anxiety and frustration so many are wilting under.

>> Click here to download the tip sheet


This week we recorded a dynamite video with the entire Birth2Work team, representing eager to help grandparents and exhausted but optimistic parents of toddlers through junior high students. 






The result is slightly longer than we intended, but it is full of relatable real-life struggles and successful actionable steps to address many of the issues families everywhere are facing.

You'll also get to hear our thoughts on preparing for what life will look like when schools open again from a member of our team, Tamie Neu, who is an award-winning master teacher with 28 years of experience in the classroom. 

>> Click here to see our video breakdown of strategic solutions for parents as teachers

If you're in a hurry:
Download this PDF with topic breakdowns and time markers so you can jump to the sections most important to you.
For example:
@5:05 - Somer (with 3-year-old son) shares how she approaches education for her son and the activities she uses to help her husband be engaged with their son

@11:00 - Tamie (master teacher) talks about the importance of parents understanding their child's learning style


Activity sets for parents and kids we've used and loved (as mentioned in the video):
TheDadLab: 50 Awesome Science Projects for Parents and Kids (affiliate link) 

Kiwi Company  Wonderful hands-on kits for kids from newborn to 16 years

Green Craft Kids  Great subscription program that sends hands-on kits each month for you and your kids ages 2 to 10

Next week we'll share a resource bundle including materials we’ve produced as well as great material we’ve seen from trusted colleagues and coaches.

>> Watch the video here

And please, as always, we encourage you to respond to this email with questions or comments or come talk about it in our private Facebook group, the Family Coaching Circle.

Happy Mother's Day,

The Birth2Work Family

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