April 19 Newsletter 

Hi, Family Leader,

This month we're diving deep into changing your parenting mindset.

When you embrace your role as a family leader (and get the necessary support) you'll begin to feel calm, grounded, and far more confident in your ability to take care of your family even when the world feels like it's spinning off its axis.  

Last week we shared a video breakdown of the 3 most common areas people struggle with in changing their parenting mindset.

  1. Understanding how leadership is different than "normal" parenting
  2. Addressing the difficulty in changing old habits (and what to do when they emerge)
  3. Real-life examples of leadership in action at different ages

If you missed last week's video, you can watch it here.



Mega resource bundle to help you succeed as a leader!

As promised, this week we've created a mega resource bundle for you. We've included books, articles, blogs and even a video series (available on Netflix) with the ultimate soothing narration of Morgan Freeman.😀 

Click here to get our mega resource bundle!

Change Your Parenting Mindset Resource Bundle_cover



Private Facebook Group for Newsletter Subscribers

Join the brand-new Family Coaching Circle Facebook group exclusively for our newsletter subscribers.

We want to help you feel more confident and capable as a parent. That’s pretty tough to do once a week through email! We’re used to live courses with tons of laughter in the air and heart-to-heart conversations.

Until we can all meet up together again, come join us in our private Facebook group.

Our goals are:

  • To discuss parenting and grandparenting issues in a supportive and proactive environment
  • To help parents and grandparents find the resources they need to feel like confident family leaders
  • To meet like-minded people that want to be involved in their children’s lives without feeling like a helicopter parent
  • To share what works for you, motivate, and inspire others
  • To provide direct access to the Birth2Work team
  • To foster mentorship between those interested and those who have completed the Leading Your Child to Success course

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Cheers to you, Family Leader,

The Birth2Work Family

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P.S. We’re about to publish an epic blog post on this entire mindset transformation to help you finally embrace your purpose as a parent and great about it in the process. Look out for that next week! Don't forget to come join the Family Coaching Circle private Facebook group exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

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