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We wanted to quickly pop into your inbox to point you toward some incredible free resources to help you wrap your mind around how Birth2Work can help support you to implement your dream parenting leadership style into your everyday life.

Our website is chock-full of blog posts, white papers, and additional resources to help you, but we completely get that time is precious, so here’s a curated list to get you started …



Looking for exactly where to start for an introduction to our ideas and implementation? Here you go …


Free Downloads

Level up your parent leadership style with these downloadable guides that offer both context for understanding and real-life ways to apply your new parenting skills.

Resources by Age & Stage

Want to explore a little more? We’ve made it easy for parents by organizing our materials according to children’s ages.

Many materials are relevant across the ages, but there are gems in each range that focus on supporting you, however old your child(ren), right now. PLUS, grandparents and mentors have a full focus area on the important role they play, as well.


If you can only do ONE thing ...

Everyone is comfortable thinking about leadership at work … the qualities of a good leader, the challenges of working for a bad one … yet we rarely apply that thinking to our homelife. But the same strategies that make someone an inspiring team leader at work can make them an incredible leader at home!

This powerful minicourse is a look at the extraordinary benefits of changing your focus from managing and reacting to the minutia of everyday life to identifying your family goals and proactively preparing each person for a successful future.

Beware, this minicourse is not some shallow, half-baked list of parenting tips!

  • It is 25 minutes of value-packed parent leadership goodness with immediate takeaways for you to implement at home.
  • Co-founders Rick and Elane have spent over 20 years working together, and 30 years independently before that, studying the qualities of capable parents and leaders.
  • With Elane and Rick’s deep understanding of the tools needed for success in each field, a revolutionary and yet practical application of the best leadership practices in each realm has been born.
  • In this training, you’ll learn the difference between managing your children vs. leading your children and why that distinction matters for the joy and success of your family.
Take the FREE minicourse now!


We hope you will find these resources useful! Here’s to your success, there!


The Birth2Work Family

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P.S. Skipped to the bottom? We’ve got a treasure trove of information on our website to support parents and grandparents on their family leadership journey. But, if you can only find the inertia for one piece of training, Sign up for Family Leadership 101.