May 3 Newsletter 

Hi Mom or Dad ... or should we say New Teacher Mom or Dad,

That might not be a title you aspired to, unless of course you're one of the 3.7 million new teachers who are now working from home. But for the last several weeks life has changed (understatement, we know). You or your adult children are now suddenly parent, teacher, souse/partner, and frenzied breadwinner all rolled into one! 

Certainly some families are doing just fine. However most people are having a very tough time juggling everything. Guilt, sadness, anger ... it's all mixed up with the gratitude for health and safety.

Simply put, we're all exhausted. To make it through the next several months, our families need a strategic plan, not just a daily outline of tasks.

To help all of you family leaders get a firm grip on how to move forward in a proactive and intentional way, we did three things:

  1. We combed through our years of experience coaching parents to understand their role in their child’s education for ideas you can apply to the current climate.
  2. We interviewed a number of highly successful year-round homeschooling families to learn what parents can do now who are understandably not accustomed to teaching their own children.
  3. We utilized the 30+ years of elementary classroom experience from our curriculum developer Tamie Neu to create resources for you to download and share with your family.


Get Some Perspective:

  • Everyone is as frustrated as you are. As more and more work is sent home, every family from the single parent to the ones living with extended relatives are having trouble coping. It’s not just you.

  • Teachers aren’t doing well either. They have administrators and regulations requiring them to deliver curriculum to your children. They are stressed. They have no real way to help and most of them are parents dealing with the very same things you are. As always, forging a strong relationship with your child’s teacher(s) is a critically important step.

Despite those that think doing everything at home instead of in the classroom is the same as homeschooling, we know from experience that nothing could be further from the truth!


Real homeschooling is about going on trips and learning in a variety of environments and modalities with support from co-ops or other organized institutions.

Homeschooling is about parents making an intentional choice to educate their children at home, not being forced to do so with little to no guidance. 

What’s happening right now is generally a chaotic mess of doing everything at once. That approach is not mentally, emotionally, or financially sustainable.


Get Some Help:

We've created a quick tip sheet to help you turn your chaos into learning that feels natural and makes sense. Knowing how to strategically approach home learning during the pandemic will help you and your children move from surviving to thriving and bring the joy of "formal" learning to your home. 

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find inside:

  • No one is getting everything done every day. An incomplete worksheet is not something to waste your precious energy on. Scan the lesson for intent and see if you can implement the idea into another household task. For example, fractions homework? Bake something together and study those measuring. In the long run they’re more likely to remember the visceral experience than the worksheet anyway. Big-picture thinking here!

  • Create a dedicated learning space for them just as you likely needed a dedicated work space. They will eventually learn to focus and value their effort if they have a special environment to do it in.


B2W - Strategic Tips for Teaching and Working from Home>> Click here to download the tip sheet


May is "Parents as Teachers" month for this newsletter.

Our entire focus is about supporting you to feel secure and guilt-free as parents and as teachers.

  1. Next week we’ll share a video with stories and practical examples of putting teaching into practice (including successes and failures) no matter what the ages of your children are. Hint: Grandparents can be of real service right now, even with distancing measures in place.

  2. The week after that, we’ll share a resource bundle including materials we’ve produced as well as great material we’ve seen from trusted colleagues and coaches.

>> Don't forget the tip sheet!

Cheers to you,

Rick, Elane and the Birth2Work Family

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P.S. Skipped to the bottom? To make it through the next several months of pandemic education, you need a strategic plan, not just a daily outline of tasks. We're here to help you bring the joy of "formal" learning to your home by showing you how to approach home learning, with real examples, so you and your children can move from surviving to thriving and turn your chaos into learning that feels natural and makes sense. >>Download our new tip sheet: Strategic Tips for Teaching and Working from Home  and pay attention to this newsletter in May.

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