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Hi, Family Leader, it's Elane and Rick!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we wanted to share a bit about us, the love we feel for this work, and to express our gratitude for your continuous thoughts and comments.


A Short History of "Us"

We first met in the late 1990s at a program called “Parents, Kids, Teachers and Computers.” Any guesses on what it was about? We bonded at that first conference and built our subsequent relationship (and eventual marriage), continuing to learn and grow together.

Though Elane’s core information gathering started in 1978 with the birth of her first daughter, Birth2Work as an entity didn't come into existence until 2006. Initially the focus was on preparing students for the future. Our mission was to help align the actions of community leaders (civic, business, media, healthcare, education, and community organizations) to ensure students were ready for the workforce.

We engaged thousands of people, organizations, and community groups. Each meeting was an opportunity to grow our knowledge and understanding of what challenges businesses and communities were facing in finding and retaining a qualified workforce.

Over time, it became clear that we had to share what we were learning directly with the people who have the most impact on a child’s life—parents. 

So, we took a giant step forward. We invested everything we had, with passion in our hearts and the knowledge of so many before us, standing beside us, and evolving with us.

Birth2Work changed from an organization primarily working with business and community to one intently focused on helping parents and grandparents supercharge their skills and have the confidence to be leaders of their families.  


A Family Business

Along the way we pulled on parts of our family to become part of Birth2Work as well.

  • Stefanie, Elane's oldest daughter, and her husband, Matt, were the first to launch with us just over a decade ago. They produced our podcast, helped create our original website, and have written vast numbers of blogs and articles over the years.

  • Somer, Elane's youngest daughter, joined in 2015 and became a self-taught web designer creating our current website, and has become our face on Instagram, relying heavily on her background in planning and design from her career in architecture.

  • Carolyn, Rick's oldest daughter, joined just last year and works behind the scenes writing blogs, editing, and proofreading in addition to her career as a professional author.

  • Tamie, a sister-in-law and certified teacher, helps create content and supports our educational outreach. 

While members of the team ebb and flow in their own lives, each has shared the passion and love for family and intentional parenting that is in our hearts and on our minds nearly every waking moment.

Our family is committed to building the future of this work for the support of other families.


Passion and Lessons Learned

Valentine's Day is about passion of the heart, passion of spirit, and passion for what others mean to you. In our time as parents and grandparents, as well as business leaders, we've learned a lot about our passions in life.

  • We've learned that a passion for learning and experiencing life to the fullest is one of the best models for our children. They look up to us more than we know.

  • We've learned that as parents, we sometimes disappoint more than we want. When that disappointment happens, honest and sincere discussions are the best way to help our children see our own frailties and grow from those experiences.

  • We've learned that challenges for our children, while many times painful to our own hearts, create the most important experiences from which they learn and grow.

Like you, we have a love story that is about life and living, caring, and giving. Above all else, our story is about helping our children.

Now that our blended family of six children are parents themselves, we help them ensure their children become happy, caring, and capable adults focused on their dreams.

Our success to date is because of you and your interest. For those of you who are intently following our work, offering comments, and sending feedback, we are deeply grateful and look forward to meeting you one day.


Elane, Rick and the whole Birth2Work Family

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