Hey there,

We are feeling great! 

It's not that we're not concerned about finances, childcare, the health of our vulnerable loved ones, and society in general. Of course we're concerned.

But we're also feeling incredibly validated.

Each week this pandemic continues we are more convinced that the leadership mindset we've been sharing with you this month isn't just nice in theory, but highly practical, desperately needed, and serves as an incredible boost to our collective mental health.

When tensions get too high, having a powerful touchstone like the framework of the leadership mindset means our emotional and mental health never have to spin out of control.

A leader, especially during isolation, is committed to making the best of the situation. We treat each day as an opportunity to prove that we are capable, our families are strong, and that the strength of our relationships is the most valuable asset we own.

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What would happen if you stopped always worrying about the family to-do list? What if you focused instead on empowering your family to work together as a team?

We know what would happen.

  • You would release the tension and built-up frustration of always having to be the one who manages and provides for the rest of your family.

  • You would be shocked (and delighted) to discover your children are way more capable than you expected, even your very young ones.

  • You would experience an incredible high as you discover your primary purpose as a parent is to be a loving guide, coach, and mentor—not a maid, chauffeur, or short-order cook.

  • You would finally learn to stop comparing yourself to other parents and instead feel calm, grounded, and totally confident that you're doing a stellar job as a parent

But how do you change your habits, your family's expectations, and your general mindset to becoming that kind of family leader?

We've got you covered.

By reading this article  you'll learn :

  • the incremental steps to change your mindset and existing habits
  • the process to align your family values so everyone is clear on their roles and expectations
  • the path toward becoming a calmer, more grounded, and intentional parent.

>> Click here to read the entire breakdown.

Cheers to you,

Rick, Elane and the Birth2Work Family

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