Birth2Work January Newsletter (1) 

Hi there,

It’s the time of the year again for some much-needed reflection and introspection to set the right tone for the new year!

We've been busy coming up with our goals for 2020, and we wanted to share the biggest ones with you.


Birth2Work Goals for 2020

We want to build our relationship with you. You've put your faith in us to bring value and insight into your life. We take that responsibility seriously.

If you've taken our course Leading Your Child to Success you understand how important it is to maintain your valued relationships, share your wisdom, and continue to learn from those around you

To do that, we're aiming to bring a little thrill to your inbox each week. We've made it a priority to stay in regular contact with you this year; expect to see something fun for you to download or explore each week.

Speaking of which, we just created a brand new guide geared toward helping you and your partner get in sync as parents.

Inside this guide you'll find a list of 20 questions to start some fundamental conversations about your childhoods, family dynamics, and what to do with all that baggage (good and bad) now that you're parents yourselves.
2020 Family Culture Cover

Direct download available for subscribers only. 
Archive viewers, please click the cover art image to gain access to this resource.


  1. Our goal is to be your #1 resource for information on building a stronger family team. Join us over on Instagram or Facebook and join the 2020 Family Bonding Challenge.

    Each week we'll be posting one new step in the path to creating the kind of lasting family bond you've always dreamed about but weren't quite sure how to create.

There’s nothing like sharing your goals with virtual friends to make sure you stay accountable!

A sincere welcome to those who have recently joined the Birth2Work family and thank you to the people who have supported us and grown with us for years.


Your Goals for 2020

What about you?

What is your #1 goal for 2020? Hit reply and let us know.

It makes us incredibly happy to know more about what your goals and desires are.

Here’s to a productive and proactive 2020!


The Birth2Work Family

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P.S. Skipped to the bottom? We want to be your #1 resource to create a stronger family team and lead your family to success. Join us on Instagram for the 2020 Family Bonding Challenge. Grab our newest free download geared toward helping you and your partner get in sync as parents. Reply to this email and tell us what your #1 goal is for 2020! How can we help?